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We are OJT Experts Gary Sisson

Gary SissonI worked my way through college and I'll never forget that first day on my first job. It was at a factory in Ohio. My boss turned me over to an experienced worker who was supposed to be my trainer. He went over the job so fast that my head was spinning! Then he put me to work. Let's just say it was not the best way to get started. Like most people, I muddled through somehow, but that day left a lasting impression on me it got me interested in training. Today, I continue to hear the stories about OJT. Some are frightening, some are funny and some are downright amazing, but they all illustrate the need to improve the way we do on-the-job training.

OJT is probably the most widely used training method on earth, but its enormous potential is substantially reduced by two fatal flaws. First, traditional OJT is unstructured not systematic. Second, most people who do OJT are not trained Instructors. Hands-On Training eliminates both of these flaws. That's why it is so successful and that's why I am such a strong advocate for Hands-On Training.

If you will allow our Hands-On Training Alliance to demonstrate the power of HOT, you will see the results for yourself. We are hard working, highly experienced people who really care. And we wrote the book on OJT!